The Latest Projects at Sandler Trade LLC – Making International Trade Really Happen!

What’s new “by us”? We don’t let the grass grow under our feet, as they say. Here are a few of our trade-expansion projects that may pique your interest. We welcome your thoughts or questions! Please email Marideth Sandler at or Prince Mbanefo at, or call us at 202.776.0650.

Helping to create and maintain duty-free entry for Brazilian industrial products into the U.S. market: A leader in the ins and outs of the duty-free opportunities available to emerging-market producers, Sandler Trade LLC is assisting several Brazilian and U.S. companies to assist in the rigorous review process to maintain duty-free treatment for an important input for U.S. steelmakers and iron forges and to create new and much-needed duty-free U.S. market entry for another industrial item.

Assisting countries to improve their protection of worker rights and intellectual property: Countries around the world seek to ensure that their expansion of global trade grows hand-in-hand with the protection of their workers’ rights, as well as the respect for their innovators’ and companies’ intellectual property. Fiji, Georgia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are several of the nations that have sought out Sandler Trade LLC’s expertise in advancing these protections.

Sri Lanka rubber product producers: Worked with the Embassy of Sri Lanka to the United States and pertinent Ministries in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to identify U.S. importers specific to a wide range of Sri Lanka rubber product producers – from rubber gloves to tires, and from hoses and belts to auto after-market accessories. On a short turnaround basis, Sandler Trade LLC identified active U.S. importers for each type of rubber sector producer within Sri Lanka’s Rubber Sector Association; identified the specific trade shows that would be most valuable for the various types of producers; and provided a budget and scenario for each trade show to ensure that the Sri Lankan businesses would meet at least five U.S. importers specifically geared to that producer’s product range.

U.S. Market Studies for Southeast Asian furniture and jewelry producers. Sandler Trade LLC recently produced, within an expedited timeframe, detailed and well-illustrated U.S. market briefs on the furniture and jewelry sectors for Asia-based clients interested in entering into these segments of the U.S. market. Our firm executed market research targeting the tastes and buying habits of specific demographic groups and then provided recommendations on design, price points, consumer buying trends, and competing suppliers. Research included interviews with industry experts and analysis of U.S. import data, presented in reader-friendly and relevant summaries. Briefs were prepared in the countries’ languages as well as in English. Project jointly funded with the Embassy of Indonesia, Washington, D.C.

Bringing Artisans to a Top U.S. Market. A multi-sector team led by Sandler Trade LLC secured admission of a group of women weavers, “Feto Forte,” from Quelicai, Baucau, Timor-Leste to the Santa Fe (New Mexico) International Folk Art Market. The firm successfully assisted the first-ever master artisans’ co-operative (weavers of traditional apparel) from Timor-Leste to pass the rigorous admissions process for admission to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. This involved learning details about artisans’ production methods and traditions, and helping them convey their unique qualities to U.S. organizers, importers and retailers. Other team members included the Inti Raymi Fund, Embassy of Timor-Leste (Washington, D.C.), Alola Fundacion (Dili, Timor- Leste), and Tesoros Trading.

Identifying the Latest Approaches to Private Sector Financing for Egyptian Artisans Seeking to Export. Sandler Trade LLC authored a study for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on financing pathways newly available through the many online and NGO programs for artisans seeking to export – regardless of where they live. Sandler Trade LLC is recognized as an expert in designing financing mechanisms for artisans and other businesses that seek to export and has provided strategies to USAID, Aid to Artisans, and microfinance institutions in Egypt. We work with micro-, small-, and medium-sized artisan and producer groups throughout the world to link them to U.S. importers in a manner that is compatible to the producers’ level of production and price points.

Provided highly received export development seminars to businesses in 35 countries, including most recently in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Egypt. Information prepared for each seminar focused on the specific export and production capabilities of that country, unexplored but feasible U.S. market niches and needs, U.S. import requirements, and use of duty-free opportunities provided by preferential programs (including free trade agreements). Each country’s group of seminars was supplemented by additional meetings with sector associations to target their opportunities and give businesses the chance to ask detailed questions in a smaller setting.

Turkey: Assisted exporters in all sectors and around the country to expand their exports into the U.S. market. Project started with analyzing Turkey’s export statistics and capabilities across a range of sectors, identifying pertinent U.S. market demands and trade preference opportunities, followed by developing seminars and handouts that were given in five cities around the country that focused on the U.S. market opportunities and pathways to get into those markets that were specific to that region’s exports. Project was cosponsored by the regional and sector exporter associations as well as by the Government of Turkey and the U.S. Embassy Ankara.

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