Global Experience

Our clients around the world tell us that Sandler Trade LLC “brings professionalism, expertise, personal warmth, and results” to expanding trade.

Marideth Sandler has worked to expand exports from more than 90 individual countries – and their businesses, governments, sector groups, and nonprofit associations.  Ms. Sandler has also assisted Alaska Native and indigenous groups in Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia to address sustainable development, health, and transportation issues. In a recent visit to Cuba (May 2012), she began an educational survey of Cuban handmade artisanal products and the artisans, themselves.

And, as one of a handful of Americans, Ms. Sandler undertook intensive microfinance (MF) studies for three weeks, supplemented by an additional semester online, with MF practitioners and experts from over 100 countries with whom she continues to share knowledge and ideas.

Only Sandler Trade LLC brings professionalism and expertise, communicated with personal warmth and cultural understanding, to meet your needs and deliver results. 

For more information, call us at 1.202.776.0650 or email Marideth Sandler at

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