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For those who missed our recently concluded webinar, “The Exhibitor’s Guide to Maximizing Your Trade Show Experience: Preparation, Presentation, Persistence.” 

You can get a copy of the webinar, which includes video and audio by Registering here  for a fee of $30.

The webinar highlights the most important steps you can take as an exhibitor to ensure that you and your product have gotten the most out of your Trade Show investment — from selecting the best trade show and alerting buyers to following up on promising business leads.

Preparation: Are you and your product ready? Which is the right trade show for you? Do the buyers know you’re coming? Do you understand the margins for your distributors? How do you make everyone want to stop by your booth? What marketing ideas bring people to the booth?

Presentation: Make your booth inviting. It will be your home for a few days, so it should be inviting. Smile and put on your talking head! It’s a two-way street — ask the right questions. Have confidence in your product — Yes you CAN! Make them remember you. And while you’re there — Gain valuable market insight! So what’s the competition up to? How does your offering compare?

Persistence: You were just at a trade show boot camp – are you feeling stronger? You have all these leads – how do you convert them into contracts? What’s the feedback you’ll remember and how will it help you grow? Use your new market insight to craft excellent follow-ups!

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The Exhibitor’s Guide to Maximizing Your Trade Show Experience: Preparation, Presentation, Persistence






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