Sandler Trade LLC Organizes Food and Safety Modernization Act Webinar in Tunisia

Food and Safety Modernization Act Webinar



The Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP) has organized, February 2nd, 2016, FDA webinar on FSMA, a first-ever webinar delivered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts on Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) directly featured from Washington
DC, to non US-companies.

35 Tunisian agribusiness companies, expected to participate at the Summer Fancy Food Show NY June 2016, benefited from the event, to discuss FSMA guidance.


The webinar was followed by a seminar provided by a Senior US agribusiness expert who discussed U.S. supply chains, buyer and customer behavior, and the most effective methods and timeframes to market products, to provide agribusiness companies with the essential tools to succeed in the U.S. market.

The three-hour session provided detailed information to help Tunisian SMEs enter U.S. market and increase their market share in the U.S.

“We have an ethical story and values to share with the American consumer. We are here to find out more about how to access the American market, the needed procedures to comply with the FSMA FDA regulations. We need to learn about consumer’s taste and labeling preferences of the product.”  Faisal Bouguerra – General Manager ABADA – Olive oil exporting company.

This seminar is part of a coaching series that will continue until mid-June 2016 as part of promoting the 62th edition of the Summer Fancy Food Show of New York, 26 to 28 June 2016 during which Tunisia will be the partner country, a unique opportunity for Tunisian companies wishing to expand or start business in the U.S. agribusiness market.

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