Sandler Trade LLC is pleased to offer our Advocacy Seminar on strategies to promote your Government’s position most effectively to U.S. agencies. The Advocacy Seminar will be on Wednesday, February 18, from 10a to noon (EST) at the Churchill Embassy Row Hotel, 1914 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C. The seminar is free of charge.

You’ll learn how, when, and where you can impact U.S. trade and economic policies and U.S. reviews of your country’s policies. We will discuss:

• Annual schedules of agency reviews, watch lists, and reports concerning trade policies;
• Decision-making processes of USTR, State, Labor, Commerce, FDA, and Agriculture: how they function, who controls them, and their internal deadlines;
• Ensuring the U.S. Government considers your country’s viewpoint: who to meet, how to set the agenda, and what to provide; and
• Preparing your Ambassador or other spokesperson for oral testimony and answering hearing questions.

The seminar will focus on the trade policy and regulatory advocacy needs of Ministers, Minister-Counselors, Commercial Attaches, Trade Officers, and other Embassy diplomats.

About the Speaker:
Marideth Sandler, founder/CEO of Sandler Trade LLC, has years of hands-on trade advocacy experience. Prior to founding the firm, Ms. Sandler served in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) in the Executive Office of Presidents Obama and Bush. She represented USTR among high-level interagency decision-makers charged to reach consensus for Presidential and Cabinet action. Ms. Sandler is also a featured speaker for Washington International Trade Association’s (WITA) annual trade policy seminars.

RSVP by going to:
Questions? Please email, or call 202.350.4303 (office) or 202.492.7473 (cell)

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