“The International Internship Initiative at Sandler Trade LLC is The Place to Be”

Today’s Post is written by Prince Mbanefo, Sandler Trade LLC’s Global Trade Advisor Intern:

Thinking or looking for where to get a practical feel of what it really means to be involved in projects dealing with trade and development issues? Well, think and look no further.

The International Internship Initiative program at Sandler Trade LLC is the place to be.

After completing my LL.M in International Economic Law and Policy with concentration in WTO laws at the University of Barcelona Spain, I really wanted to get involved with a firm where I can get hands-on experience on trade issues. When I came across Sandler Trade LLC and reading the “Services” section of the website, I knew it was the right place for me.

Sandler Trade has in various ways helped me to apply the skills I acquired in the class room to real world issues, while exposing me to new issues which are exciting to learn about.

Working for the firm has been very engaging and has helped to expose me to various issues. I go to work every day in anticipation of the new issue that I will discover. For example, I am currently involved in a project which deals with the effect of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and how its requirements affect the business of small batch manufacturers/ importers who import handcrafted goods from developing countries into the United States for sale.

I believe that Sandler Trade LLC is an excellent firm to build a foundation especially for those who want a career in the area of international trade and development. As a result, I seek to make great use of this profound opportunity to continue to hone my skills in the area while paving the way for a lucrative career.



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